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Each Letter Has a Numerical Value

There are 22 Hebrew Letters in Psalm 119. Have you ever noticed or wondered why they were there?  They hold the key to calculating the alphabet. Letters and words have a numerical value.

The Hebrew Letters Value Chart

Hebrew Letters Value Chart.jpg

So when you take any Hebrew word and add up the letters you get the value for that word.  If you would like to run some of your own Hebrew words, take a look at a Biblical concordance (like Young's) to get some Hebrew words.


​About This Example

  • Total number of GOD = 31

  • Hebrew word EL means God

  • Genesis 31 is the 31st chapter in the Bible

What To Notice

If you go to the 31st chapter of the Bible (Genesis 31), you will notice that the word "God" is all over the chapter.


​About This Example

  • Total number of KEHUNNAH = 80

  • Kehunnah means Priest's Office

  • Exodus 30 is the 80th chapter in the Bible (Count from Genesis 1 to Exodus 30 and it's chapter 80 in the bible)

What To Notice

Go to Exodus 30:30 (chapter 80 in the Bible) and see if you can see the definition of Kehunnah in there:

And thou shalt anoint Aaron and his sons, and consecrate them, that they may minister unto me in the priest's office.

- Exodus 30:30 (KJV)


​About This Example

  • Total number of SATAN = 359

  • The 359 chapter in the Bible is 1 Chronicles 21

What To Notice

The first time the name Satan is mentioned is in the 359th chapter, which just happens to be the number of his name!

And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel.

- 1 Chronicles 21 (KJV)

Also, what happens to be the 359th day of the year?  You got it, it's December 25th. There is more to this holiday than meets the eye!

Want More Examples?

Take a look at Al Neal when he was a guest speaker at The Prophecy Club in 1998.

Can I run English words too?

This chart and these examples above are for running Hebrew words only.  Yes, you can run words and even your name with the English alphabet, but the chart and values are different.  Serious students who are interested in taking their studies further, can contact us for more information on this.

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