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Match Chapters - Old to New Testament

We can take the Old Testament (OT) chapters and match it to the New Testament (NT) chapter by the same number, to find matching words and topics.  For example:  You would match Genesis 1 to Matthew 1.

What Is Chapter Matching?

We can take the Old Testament (OT) chapters and match it to the New Testament (NT) chapters one-on-one.  When you match, you will find similar subject matter and patterns, even matching words and numbers.

How Do I Start Matching?

Genesis 1 would match Matthew 1, Genesis 2 to Matthew 2, and so on . . .

 What happens when you get to Mark 1? You keep counting, example:

Genesis 28 to Matthew 28

Genesis 29 to Mark 1 (29th NT chapter)

Genesis 30 to Mark 2 (30th NT chapter)

Genesis 44 to Mark 16 (44th NT chapter)

Genesis 45 to Luke 1 (45th NT chapter) and so on…

There are 929 chapters in the Old Testament and 260 chapters in the New Testament

What happens when we reach the end of the New Testament in our matches?

You wrap the Word.  So after Revelation 22 (260th NT chapter), we go back around to Matthew 1 (which would be 261st NT chapter).  Why do we wrap the Word?  Because The Word was wrapped in the Bible (read Luke 2:12 and Matthew 27:59) for Scripture proof of that.

Examples of Matches


Exodus 3

(53 Chapter in Old)

In this chapter, Moses is on the Mount and there’s a supernatural sight - the burning bush. God is talking with Moses and Moses talking with God.

Luke 9

(53 Chapter in New)

Here are the disciples on the mount and there’s a supernatural sight (Jesus raiment altered and Moses and Elijah show up) and God is talking to the disciples on the mount; also here is Moses again on the mount talking with Jesus (in whom God dwells).


1 King 17

(308 Chapter in Old)

We have Elijah and the heaven shut up not giving rain and the widow woman of Zarephath.

Luke 4

(308 Chapter in New)*

An exact match as it retells the same story of Elijah in verses 25-27, when the heaven was shut up from rain and he went to the widow woman of Sarepta (which is Zarephath in Hebrew).

(Remember the wraps mentioned above, Matthew 1 to Revelation 22 the 260th chapter in New Testament, wrap around to Matthew 1 is 261st chapter in the New Testament keep counting to Luke 4 and we get 308th chapter in New Testament on the wrap)

There are an infinite amount of examples,

but it's time for you to do some digging . . . See what patterns, numbers and topics you can connect by matching up the chapter numbers!

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