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About The Code

The Infinity Bible Code

God’s Word has great value, but have you ever thought that

The Word also has numerical value?

The Infinity Bible Code reveals proof of the supernatural authenticity of the Bible, by number patterns.  There are many ways to study the Bible with The Code and an infinite way of running the patterns for a deeper study in your Bible.  Here are just a few. 


It is important to note that The Code only works with the King James Version of the Bible.


Each Letter Has a Numerical Value

There are 22 Hebrew Letters in Psalm 119. Have you ever noticed or wondered why they were there?  They hold the key to calculating the alphabet. Letters and words have a numerical value.  A couple examples are:  SATAN = 359 and GOD = 31. 

Number Your Bible Chapters

There are 1189 chapters in the Bible.  Genesis 1 is Chapter 1 and Revelation 22 is Chapter 1189.  Go through your Bible and number your chapters.  This will help you be able to start matching words to chapters.


Match Chapters - Old to New Testament

We can take the Old Testament chapters and match it to the New Testament chapter by the same number, to find matching words and topics.  For example:  You would match Genesis 1 to Matthew 1.

There is much, much more but this will help you get started digging out the gold and gems that God hid in his Word for us to see!

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